Accurate Closed Captions & Subtitles by Professionals, Supported by AI

Lower cost, shorter turnaround time

Closed Captions

99% accuracy in any language
$1-$3 per minute

Translated Subtitles

Made accurate by language professionals

$5-$15 per minute

How we work

Subtitling with AI
to reduce cost

Utilising our AI software to
convert audio to text, we dramatically reduce the time and cost taken to create the first draft.

99.9% accuracy with native speakers

With our network of 3,000
professional transcribers, we work
through the initial draft to achieve
a 99.9% accuracy rate.

QC check

Final check to ensure highest quality

All subtitles will go through a final quality check by another language professional to ensure the final work produced is of the highest quality.

Get a deal on your
first project.

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